The Team


Maxwell Flitton

Between 12-hour shifts in A and E as a nurse, Maxwell completed a physics degree, and taught himself programming. This lead to doing postgrad in physics and engineering in medicine at UCL with a project in 3D mapping for surgical robotics. Maxwell now works as a software developer in R&D on a system that provides major banks in 40 countries with financial data. Maxwell is the main developer in the design of general layout of deploy-ml model, training, and deployment section and is the lead the SK-Learn support project. 


Romain Belia Bourgeois 

Romain is a senior software developer in the central London financial tech scene. Romain built the structure around for pip, enabling Deploy-ML to be installed. He manages version control, and is the main developer for ensuring that the system runs smoothly. Romain is the lead developer for some of the current projects that Deploy-ML is undergoing, such as the feasibility of javascript integration. 


Ann-Marie Mekhail

Ann trained as a doctor. Whilst still doing clinical shifts to keep her hand in the game, she is a senior consultant for a major central London firm. She travels all over overseeing new projects. Some even involve integrating software systems in healthcare.